Who's Iglika?

Oh, Hi there!

So you are a passionate entrepreneur that wants to build the next Facebook or Instagram? You might be searching for a kick-ass designer to help you build that? Or maybe you own a small business and need some tips on how to bring it to the next level on your own?

You’re in the right place!

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is building a great product. A product that meets the customer’s needs, is easy to use and has a great design that converts.

Believe I ‘ve been there! I didn’t know what I want to be when I graduate, I just knew that I wanted to create things, to try things out, and I loved building things.

So every other weekend, I would come up with a new idea about how to make money and create a website, app or business. But as you know, ideas are cheap, execution is everything.

I realized that I was missing something- a skill that will help me build better products and communicate better with developers-yep, you guessed it- design! After several years working in the marketing and ad tech scene, I started learning design by myself, in order to build better products.

I started by learning the basics of Photoshop and Sketch, then gradually as my design skills improved, I started practicing by designing my own apps and websites. My passion for building things brought me where I am today. I taught myself design online – though online courses and a lot of practice!

Now I am helping other entrepreneurs build better products, as well as teaching them to better understand the principles of user experience  and user interface design.

Let me help you build that great product!