January 7, 2020

AMP Mentoring review

If you are not familiar with Benjamin Hardy- he’s the #1 writer in the world on He’s an organizational psychologist and bestselling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work.

He developed AMP back in 2017 (I joined December 2017, when the program was called 52 Weeks of Momentum) and he’s been perfecting it ever since. Most of the things that he is writing or teaching about are science-based.

The concept

I believe the program is targeting people who are wiling to change their lives by changing the way they think and act. The program is giving you lots of information on how to change your thinking and how to achieve what you want in life.

The content

The content is released on a monthly basis. This ensures that you are following along and watching all videos in the ordered suggested.  This means that if you join in February 2020, you’d see only the content for January 2020 and possibly February 2020 but you can’t see the content for July 2020.

The videos are bing filmed in the week/month that they are being released so the content is really fresh.

Also, there are accompanying weekly exercises ( or challenges) that keep you motivated and accountable.

You’d get an email prompting you to complete the assignments and watch the videos on a weekly basis. Some of the content will be locked until you complete some of those assignments. This is the way Ben keeps you accountable. So, if you are expecting that you’re just going to watch a bunch of motivational videos, this course is NOT for you. AMP is for people that are willing to take action. Literally.

In terms of the type of content you get- there are videos, there are checklists, tools and PDFs.


The value of the AMP course comes not only from the content itself, but from the whole AMP community. As of today, AMP’s Facebook group has over 1500 members. I personally love being part of the group, as you can post any time if you are stuck, have a question or seek support. People are extremely helpful! Also, Ben himself is commenting on people’s posts and replying daily. The Facebook group is really active and the sort of people you’d find there are highly motivated, curious individuals who are eager to improve their lives.

AMP review benjamin hardy-facebook group

The group also serves as an additional motivation as you can post your goals there, commit to your progress . So, I suppose this in a way is like a support group.

Accountability partners

This brings me to the second layer of this program. That is the accountability part. It is proven that if you report on your progress and measure it you are more likely to succeed and accomplish your goals. So, it is highly encouraged that people have a partner to report their progress to.

AMP review

I’ve personally had 2 accountability partners and I must say that it has a huge impact on your motivation and your achievement. Maria has been most awesome and I believe we helped each other a lot last year and are off to a great start this year (2020).

Books list

Furthermore, Ben encourages you to read a lot of books. Before joining the program, I was reading like 2-3 books a year probably. Now, I am trying to read 2-3 books a month.

As you can imagine, there are so many books out there, and if you don’t know what you are going after it’s hard to find the right books.

So, each month there’s recommended books list that you are supposed to read and write your thought and insights on the book.

Monthly coaching calls

On top of all this, you also get access to monthly coaching calls. Once a month, Ben jumps into a video call and answers questions. So it’s basically like a Q&A call but Ben is really giving you personal feedback and guidance so I suppose you can call those coaching calls.

You can submit your questions the week before and Ben tries to answer most of the questions live in the call. More often that not, the tips that Ben gives will also apply you, so it’s worth it to watch the replay if you didn’t have time for the live session.


Perfect things don’t exist. Here are a few flaws I’ve found.

There’s so much content inside the program, however somehow it’s not clearly structured. There are a few folders or areas like The main course and then you have for example a Journaling course and there’s a Resources page…I have to admit it has gotten better but still it’s a bit of a mess and I have trouble finding the right page for what I am looking for sometimes.

It has happened one or two times that the coaching calls get cancelled and re-scheduled last minute. I am talking literally a few hours before the call starts. So, for example if you’ve planned a cozy self- improvement evening you might get a bit annoyed by this.

My takeaways

I’ve improved A LOT since joining 2 years ago. Not only in terms of thinking but in terms of how I design my life and how I prioritize my daily tasks. The biggest takeaway for me is that even if you have a clear goal and vision of your future and you have to-do lists which you check off on a daily basis, you might not get very far in life. There’s something magical in changing your mindset because it automatically changes your thoughts and ultimately your actions. And actions are what drives success. The right actions though. Simply doing doesn’t equal progress.

Also, the AMP has helped me definitely build a framework for my daily and weekly actions, how to set goals, forced me to track my progress and be mindful of the people I interact with.

As a conclusion, I would highly recommend the AMP program ( link for direct purchase). The value that you’d get from the program is INSANE.  It did help me a lot with mental blocks and envisioning a bolder future. Moreover, I met some amazing people and learned so much! I have just enrolled for the 3rd time in a row (!) and can’t wait to have a super productive and happy 2020.

This program won’t work unless you do. If you just expect to watch a bunch of videos and change your life, then don’t buy this.

Also: this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you enroll in the AMP program, I might get a small commission. I only recommend products I have tried and I love!

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