Labor Voices

LaborVoices is a crowdsourced supply-chain intelligence startup, based in San Francisco. It gathers raw data on supply chain employers, created by their workers, entirely via mobile technology. LaborVoices markets intelligence products to Fortune 200 multinational brands and supply-chain managers.

About the Project

The flagship product, called Symphony, offers a subscription to crowdsourced supply-chain factory data. It serves as a digital auditor and gives the brands the option to see problems with certain factories in real-time.

I was hired to help LaborVoices with the launching of new features for Symphony, as well as improving current product design.


I worked directly with the CTO and the CMO to determine the goals, the restrictions as well as the scope of the project. Due to the complicated backend of the product, first, we had to sketch all process dependencies on a whiteboard.

After we had a clear user flow, I moved on to designing high-fidelity wireframes.

User Interface

I focused on creating a simple, clean, yet intuitive interface that will guide the user. This way, the brand managers, and the facility owners can focus on solving the issue for the workers.