Project Overview

Akawy is Berlin-based startup that offers customized travel deals on the Internet. The user needs to fill out her travel preferences, such as time, location or type of holiday. After verifying your identity, travel experts can offer you free personal advice and put together your individual dream holiday!

My task was to design a high-converting Landing Page, where the main goal is for the user to go through a 7-step process and leave her contact details, so she can be reached by Akawy’s team.


The first step of my process was to create the wireframes. The client needed both a Desktop and a Mobile version of the landing page.  The content was already predefined and so I was able to translate the information into high fidelity mockups.

Final Design

After receiving feedback on the wireframes, I started working on the User Interface Design- the fun part 😉 Since I like traveling myself, I was able to see the task from user’s perspective. In order to design a high-converting landing page, I included trust elements like testimonials, badges and ratings.

The final design design included one desktop landing page with multiple steps (hence the questionnaire contained 7 steps), as well as a mobile version of the landing page.