Credit limit calculator


Web (responsive)


Scope of work

Wireframing, User Testing, User Interface Design, Prototyping, Presentation with Stakeholders

About the project

The Credit Limit Calculator was created from scratch, as the product didn't exist before. It's part of series of digitalization projects I was working on at Ergo, one of the biggest insurance companies in Germany.

What is Ergo Credit Limit Calculator?

The Credit limit calculator is aiming at digitalizing Ergo's new business client acquisition. More specifically, this product serves business clients who are interested in a credit limit insurance at Ergo. The user enters all required data in an online questionnaire and is presented with the option to buy an insurance, tailored to those custom needs at the end of the online questionnaire. Essentially the tool calculates the insurance sum in the backend, thus saving an incredible amount of time and reducing the complexity of buying a business insurance.


  • Translate business requirements into product features
  • Competitive product research
  • Design high-fidelity wireframes and turn them into polished User Interface Design
  • Conduct remote user testing
  • Prototyping
  • In-person design presentation and workshop with the stakeholders

Main challenges

Simplify the complex logic behind the insurance product and create user flows that reduce the drop-off rate

By working closely with some of the Product Owners inside Ergo, we were able to streamline the processes and alter them in a way that doesn’t require the clients to be in direct contact with the Insurer in order to purchase an insurance policy.

Design pricing options that are easy to understand and blend seamlessly into the calculator

The perfect use case scenario for this product is : the user enters all the data, the user gets presented with all insurance options and the users selects an insurance option and purchases it right away. Using  remote user testing I was able to validate the first design drafts of the product and improve the design pricing options using feedback from insurance agents.

Wireframing and User Interface Design

The initial design process started with competitive research and wireframing on paper. Since we were trying to strip down any excessive questions from the original paper-form insurance questionnaire, several iterations were needed to clarify the exact questions and their sequence within the new online calculator.

I was working alongside the development team from scratch to insure that any design suggestions were viable and can be programmed.

Remote user testing

After the first version of the screens was ready I designed the test scenarios and prepared the click prototype in InVision. Then, I conducted a remote user testing using Maze.

The results showed multiple improvement areas that were addressed in the subsequent design iterations.

Developer Handoff

After the final designs were approved by the Business Product Owner, I prepared a thorough documentation that was used to help guide the development team through the logic behind the product.

Hence the complexity was still rather high, I used a very detailed User Flow explaining the interdependencies of all steps of the calculation process.

An overview of the overarching complexity behind the User Flows

The first version of the Credit limit calculator was launched end of 2019/ beginning of 2020. See live website.

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Iglika is an experienced professional with a rare combination of design, business and collaboration skills. She has extensive knowledge of the market trends and actively develops new design solutions for solving complex business problems.
Johan Engelbrecht
Creative Director (Brand/UX)
Iglika was a great addition to two teams with legacy design libraries and new features that required UI design and user research. Highly recommend her UX / UI design skills and understanding of B2B & B2C business processes.
Nakeema Stefflbauer
Senior Product Manager, Ergo Digital IT
I not only enjoy working with Iglika because she delivers excellent results, in a short period of time, but she helps me to express my ideas and makes me look great in front of my clients.
Oliver Beyer
Head Of Account Management