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Scope of work

Competitive research, Wireframing, UI Design

About the project

NewForest Berlin, an agency based in Berlin, hired me as a Lead UX/UI Designer to help them with their client -FromAtoB. FromAtoB is a travel search engine with a price comparison option, that lets you find the cheapest means of transportation- be it a flight, train or bus and get from A to B.

My job was to implement new features and improve the iOS app. Multiple design iterations took place in several design sprints.

Project goal

Major user interface design improvements that lead to higher revenue generation through the app.


  • Translating client feedback into product features
  • Competitive product research
  • Create high-fidelity wireframes
  • User Interface design for iOS
  • Click prototypes

Main tasks and challenges

Add settings for multiple travelers to one profile

The ability to purchase multiple tickets for different travelers was crucial for the app functionality.

Simplifying the vehicle filter option

All travel options were displayed in a results page where the user was able to filter the options by vehicle type. However, the users were experiencing usability issues with this filter which led to a very high drop-off rate.

Design an upsell feature to increase sales of 1st class tickets

Sometimes 1st class tickets cost just a little extra, so it made sense to display the opportunity to upsell in order to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.


Adding multiple travelers to one profile needed to be simple and straightforward.

User Flows

Usually, the client will first see high-fidelity wireframes and after that, a UI design will be created. In order to explain to the client and the dev team how it’s all connected together, I would build simple user flows. Once the client has understood and approved the flow, a click prototype was created inside InVision and presented to the developers.

User Interface Design

All screens were design for the iOS app following Apple's Human Interface Design Guidelines. Here's an example of 3 different screens solving the vehicle filter option problem (as stated above).

Example of different iteration of onboarding screen designs.

Onboarding example Option 1

Onboarding example Option 2

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Iglika is an experienced professional with a rare combination of design, business and collaboration skills. She has extensive knowledge of the market trends and actively develops new design solutions for solving complex business problems.
Johan Engelbrecht
Creative Director (Brand/UX)
Iglika was a great addition to two teams with legacy design libraries and new features that required UI design and user research. Highly recommend her UX / UI design skills and understanding of B2B & B2C business processes.
Nakeema Stefflbauer
Senior Product Manager, Ergo Digital IT
I not only enjoy working with Iglika because she delivers excellent results, in a short period of time, but she helps me to express my ideas and makes me look great in front of my clients.
Oliver Beyer
Head Of Account Management