Grievance Management and Dashboard redesign for Labor Voices


Web (responsive)


Scope of work

User research, Wireframing, User Interface Design

About the project

The flagship product of Labor Voices, called Symphony, offers a subscription to crowdsourced supply-chain factory data. It serves as a digital auditor and gives the brands the option to see problems with certain factories in real-time. I was hired to help LaborVoices with the launching of new features for Symphony, as well as improving current product design.

What is Labor Voices ?

LaborVoices is a crowdsourced supply-chain intelligence startup, based in San Francisco. It gathers raw data on supply chain employers, created by their workers, entirely via mobile technology. LaborVoices markets intelligence products to Fortune 200 multinational brands and supply-chain managers.


  • Translating client feedback into product features
  • Competitive product research
  • Creating high-fidelity wireframes and wireflows
  • Creating responsive UI design mockups for web and mobile
  • Creating click prototypes
  • Documentation and project handoff with the project manager

Main Challenges

Implement a new feature called Grievance Management to facilitate communication between factories and brands

The problem was that brands ( f.e. H&M) had no means of communication with the production factories, which resulted in poor working conditions  for the workers, as well as lack of feedback. A new feature was designed to create a way for the brands to see if factories are compliant with the regulations.

Redesign and declutter the main Dashboard

The main Symphony dashboard was not displaying all the information that the company was gathering. In addition, some functions were hidden and thus difficult to be used by brand reps ( brands provided the major chunk of the revenue).

Research and wireframing

Reviewing existing data is crucial to any project that does not include primary user research. So, before digging into the actual design, I needed to perform a secondary research to understand better the needs of the users, the main pain points and get ideas how to solve those.

After that, I came up with several ideas of how to implement this new Grievance Management feature. Below you can see an example of a wireframe for one of the pages.

Style Guide

Since no style guide existed, I created a new one from scratch so that the whole development team can have guidelines when they add new features in the future.

User Interface Design

As stated above, I had two main responsibilities- to redesign the main Dashboard and to design a new feature that helps factory managers deal with issues coming from the factory workers.

After finalizing the wireframes, I started working on the User Interface Design using the Style Guide I had created beforehand. Unfortunately, my confidentiality agreement prevents me from posting detailed information about this project but you can find the some of the main screens below.

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