1. Define and understand the problem

As a first step, we will set up a call or a meeting where you will tell me all about your product and the problems you are trying to solve.


I will conduct a research where I will dig deeper into the data and understand your target audience and their behavior so we have a base for improving the user experience.

3. Design Concept + Wireframes

Using the gathered data, I will prepare a tailored design concept proposal. It also includes wireframes that serve as a basis for Interface Design and can be used as a reference point for functional specifications.

4. User Interface Design

Creation of user interfaces for Web and/or Mobile. They can be either based on an existing Styleguide or I can prepare a Styleguide for your product.

You’ll also have an option to have me build a whole Design System for you. Just ask!

5. User Testing

I recommend conducting user tests before handing the designs to your development team. Those can be remote or in-person tests. All user tests are conducted based on a prototype, which I create beforehand.

Top Benefits of good UX Design

Lower bounce rates and higher sales

More satisfied customers= loyal customers= increased Customer Lifetime Value

Reduced maintenance and support cost

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