What is a UX Audit?

A UX Audit is a thorough analysis of your website or app that discovers user experience  problems such as usability issues, content flaws or information architecture problems, which prevent users from taking a desired action.

Who can benefit from a UX Audit?

Founders who have a small team and want to fix their UX issues and scale their product fast!

Questions that an UX Audit can help you answer

Is your product helping the users achieve the right goal?

Is the user flow unnatural and confusing?

Does your visual design support user’s decisions or is it standing in a way? Too bright colors, inappropriate images and copy?

Is the website/app structured in a logical way?

Does your product convey credibility or does it feel sketchy to the users?

Sample deliverables


So how much does a UX Audit cost?

The pricing starts at 3.680 € and depends on the number of screens, complexity of your product. The usual turnaround time is about 2 - 3 weeks. I only take one client per month for an UX Audit. So hurry up and reserve your spot!

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