My Review of 2019

My Review of 2019

2019 was by far one of my most productive years ( if not THE most productive one). Here's a summary of what happened during 2019 (I am sharing mostly goal-oriented achievements).


Well, one of the first things I did in January is to write my 2018 yearly overview.  ☺️ Apart from that, I had a relatively slow start in 2019. I gave my Instagram a makeover.

I was searching for another Mastermind to join this year, next to Ben Hardy’s AMP mentoring program. I ended up enrolling in Dean Graziosi’s Inner Circle.

Also, we found out I was pregnant 🙈💃🏽


Read the Book The Magic of Thinking Big and The Miracle Morning. Adjusted my Morning routine based on the tips and advice I learned from the book.

At this point, I had decided I want to outsource part of my social media content editing, so I started searching for someone to help me edit the videos for my YouTube channel.

I managed to record my first two YouTube videos! ( as a reminder I decided to set up a YouTube channel back in June 2018 🙈😂)

For my design client Ergo Digital,  I conducted extensive user tests and prepared a presentation summarizing the results.


Read the book Never split the difference.

Took the course Influence and Income  by Ben Hardy. This time I took notes and created an actionable to do list.

I set up my YT channel (finally). Also, I learned how to research for keywords, upload videos and  created a process for uploading. Didn’t know YouTubing takes so much time. I mean, recording the videos is just 30% of the whole work. In March 2019, I got my first 36 subscribers.


I created a new newsletter template for inside ConvertKit (the email software that I use). Also, I managed to produce 3 more YouTube videos.

Redesigning this website was on my to do list as well. I spent a total of 15 hours drawing wireframes, rethinking the concept and redoing the sitemap. It’s always super hard when you have to do it for your own website and not for a client.


I purchased the Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB for short) run by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. It was the biggest investment in my business this year ($995).

Finished the redesign of my website ( and spent some time on editing my design freebies ( the UX and UI toolboxes).

Shot 2 more YouTube tutorials 🎉🎉


Except traveling to Warsaw on a regular basis for my design client, I shifted my focus back to Lipstick and Pixels. I was approached by The to join their latest bundle on Entrepreneurship. The course I included in the bundle was WP Savvy. I was busy with promotion of the bundle and brushing off my retargeting ads knowledge. In the end, I did a couple of sales.

But the bundle was such a success since it was promoted by hundreds of other affiliates, that I had an extra  5000 students enrolling into my course. Yes. Five thousand. It was cray cray.


2 months before the baby’s here. I stopped working full time for my design client and focused on…searching for an apartment for investment purposes.

So, I researched, visited apartments and chose 1 apartment that is a good investment opportunity. Then I gathered proposals, had meetings/calls with the bank regarding bank loans. Finally, we got an approval for the bank loan and purchased the apartment.

Oh and I decided to take on an extra design client 🙈😬


One of my goals for 2019 was creating passive income and I decided to lay the foundations for it now.  I decided to learn more about funnels which is something I absolutely love. The obvious choice for me was the book The Funnel Hacker's Cookbook by Russel Branson. Afterwards, I started implementing the advice from the book- I set up an Ask campaign and gathered 200 responses from my email list regarding their biggest pain when it comes to branding.

This served as foundation to start building my next course- From Zero to Brand Hero.


The baby is here!! 2 weeks earlier than expected. For obvious reasons I took some time off.


I tried to do small tasks - like casually uploading posts on Instagram and editing videos for the course. I wasn’t of course productive but it was something to keep me motivated.


November was unusually productive- I managed to shoot 10 videos for the course and edit them. I started considering Affiliate marketing as part of my passive income strategy. Booked a consulting day with Elizabeth Goddard which helped me clarify some open questions around the first pre-sale of Zero to Brand Hero. I made 1 sale ($138) mainly because my email list was cold and I didn’t have any ads or affiliates to promote it 😤😭🥺


I shot and finished all videos for the ZTBH course. Also, I created and uploaded a Workbook for the course. Whew! That was a lot of work. I started reading books again - Though Shall Prosper and the 12 Week Year were at the top of my list.

2019 was one of THE most productive years I have ever had. I can’t wait what 2020 is going to bring!

xoxo Iglika

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