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UI design screen of a pricing page for a Webflow template for a SaaS company
UI design screen of a homepage for a Webflow template for yoga studios.
UI design screen of a blog page for a Webflow template for a SaaS company
UI design of a pricing page for a finance company, after performed UX audit.
UI design screen of a homepage  for a Webflow template for a SaaS company
Yoga studio about page-Webflow template
Homepage design for an e-learning company from the health sector.
UI screen of a new optimized subscription flow for a financial company.
UI design for a fintech company, Webflow website.
Pricing page ui design for a financial company.
UI design screen of a better UX ordering process for a SaaS company
UI design screen for videos preview page for an e-learning company

Helping you with my trusted design process


As a first step,  I need to understand your business goals, target audience, and project requirements.


Then, I analyze your competitors, as well as industry trends.
Moreover, I gather insights through user interviews, surveys, and usability testing to understand user needs and pain points.


Next, I create user personas, sketch out low-fidelity wireframes and discuss the information architecture with you.
Any important dependancies or restrictions need to be considered here as well.

Design & Testing

After that, I create the designs in Figma, ensuring alignment with your branding. I can also conduct user testing to gather feedback on the prototype or the live product and incorporate the user feedback to improve the designs.

Project Handoff

In the last stage, I collaborate closely with the development team to ensure a smooth transition. Part of the hand-off meetings are project documentation, style guides (design system), Figma files and prototypes.

The importance of a good User Experience

UX design is not just about aesthetics but a strategic investment in the success of your product or service. It directly impacts user satisfaction, business growth, competitiveness, and cost-effectiveness, making it a crucial aspect of any digital venture.

Enhanced User Satisfaction

Effective UX design places the user at the center of the product or service, ensuring that it is intuitive, easy to use, and aligns with their needs and preferences. This leads to higher user satisfaction and positive interactions.

Competitive Advantage

A great UX sets a product or service apart from competitors. It can be a key differentiator in a crowded market, attracting and retaining users who value a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Increased User Engagement

An engaging user experience encourages users to spend more time on the platform, explore its features, and become loyal customers or advocates.

Reduced Costs

Addressing usability issues and design flaws early in the development process can save significant costs down the road. UX design helps identify and fix problems before they become impossible to fix.

Positive Brand Image

A well-designed product or service conveys professionalism and care for users, enhancing the brand's reputation and trustworthiness.

Business Growth

A well-designed user experience can have a direct impact on business outcomes, such as increased conversion rates, user retention, and revenue growth.

"Iglika is an experienced professional with a rare combination of design, business and collaboration skills. She has extensive knowledge of the market trends and actively develops new design solutions for solving complex business problems."

Johan Engelbrecht

Design Director, Ergo Digital IT

“Iglika was a great addition to two teams with legacy design libraries and new features that required UI design and user research. Highly recommend her UX / UI design skills and understanding of B2B & B2C business processes.”

Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer

Senior Program Manager, Ergo Digital IT

We simply love Iglika's designs: clearly structured, refreshingly different and always with attention to detail!

Nicole Böwing

CEO, Pflegecampus GmbH

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