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5 newsletters every UX/UI designer should be subscribed to

5 newsletters every UX/UI designer should be subscribed to

Hate reading design books? What about design newsletters? One of the ways to keep educating yourself as a designer and keep up with the ever-changing rules, be in the loop of the newest design trends and news is to be subscribed to the best newsletters in design. It's simple, yet time-saving as you can review the newsletters at any point in time. You don't need to spend time searching for new information- the information comes to you. I usually review mine every Sunday.

So, which are the best newsletters for designers, you ask? Here's my top 5 list:

Marvel's Design blog + newsletter

For those of you, who are rather new to design, Marvel is a web + mobile prototyping and collaboration tool. Most of the articles are from Marvel's own design blog. However, sometimes there are one or two external links.

best newsletters design marvel

Kenny Chen's UX Design Weekly

When you subscribe to UX Design weekly, you will receive hand-picked articles and links every week on Mondays. The newsletter is curated by Kenny Chen- a User Experience designer based in Los Angeles.

What I love about UX Design weekly, is that it covers not only the top UX articles but also regularly includes Tools & Resources and other designer's portfolios. Looking at other people's work is inspiring and helps you understand how other people solve problems.

best newsletters design

InVision blog's newsletter

I've been reading InVision's blog for over 2 years now. They always have quality articles, free design resources, tip & tricks and even free email courses. They're awesome and without no doubt can't be missed.

best newsletters design

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Sidebar IO

Sidebar is a daily curated design newsletter by Sascha Greif- a designer and developer based in Osaka, Japan.

It sends you the top 5 articles every day. It's simple, yet effective. All you need to do is quickly skim through the content. What more do you want?

best newsletters design

The Interaction Design Foundation

I am a member of the Interaction Design Foundation, and naturally, I'm subscribed to their weekly UX newsletter.  What's different about this company is that it's a non-profit. I support their cause of providing an open-source design education worldwide. Their newsletter is full of design tips that are beneficial for any type of UX designer.

Handpicked Daily Design

I've subscribed to Prototypr.IO's weekly design newsletter in order to stay in the know about the latest prototyping tips and best practices. It's a curated weekly newsletter containing tips and articles from the design world. It focuses on prototyping as well as actionable design-improving tips.

best newsletters design

Final thoughts

Reading design newsletters is an indispensable part of my weekly workflow, which I plan every week using Trello. Therefore, having a reminder to actually read through the newsletters is great, as it keeps me on track.

Is reading newsletters a part of your weekly workflow? How do you stay educated ( as a designer)? Let me know in the comments below!

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