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From User Research to Developer Hand-off, I can help you create revenue-generating products.

My Design Process


UX Design process- understand icon

Business requirements
User Needs
User Interviews


UX Design process- analyze icon

User Personas
User Journey Map
Data Analysis


UX design process- ideate icon

User Flows
Sketching or Paper


UX design process- design icon

UI Design
Design Patterns
Design Libraries


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In-person User Tests
Remote User Tests
User Interviews

Once the results of the test are evaluated, the design process continues evolving-adjusting the design and gathering continuous user feedback.

Selected UX case studies



Digital Quality Assurance Handbook

I helped design a tool that helps medical companies digitalize the process of creating and maintaining a digital quality assurance handbook in-house. The new feature enables the user to create the entire handbook inside the platform, assign members of the staff to read different parts of it and track their performance.

Project cover Pflegecampus Quality Assurance Handbook
Project cover MacroHive UX Audit



UX Audit & Subscription flow redesign

I have conducted a screen-by-screen UX Audit to uncover the main usability issues of the website as well as find out the reason for the low conversion of their premium customers. In addition to my design recommendations, I created a new style guide and optimized the premium subscription flow.


ergo digital it

Car Damage Claim Web App

I helped design a mobile-responsive web app that enables insurance customers to easily report a car damage and file their claim online. The biggest challenge of digitalising the report process was to simplify and reduce the steps involved (previously consisting of over 20 steps!)

Project cover Ergo Car Insurance
Project cover Pflegecampus Website Redesign



Website redesign

By mixing bright fun colours with pastel ones I created a new 'feel' that was fun and fresh. In addition, I fixed a lot of usability problems on the website and created a new user flow for the online purchases. The new website is better structured, the information is better presented and this helped guide the user through the new purchase decision.

We simply love Iglika's designs: clearly structured, refreshingly different and always with attention to detail!

Nicole Böwing

CEO, Pflegecampus GmbH

I highly recommend her UX / UI design skills and understanding of B2B & B2C business processes.

Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer

Senior Program Manager, Ergo Digital IT

Iglika is an experienced professional with a rare combination of design, business and collaboration skills. She has extensive knowledge of the market trends and actively develops new design solutions for solving complex business problems.

Johan Engelbrecht

Design Director, Ergo Digital IT