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Pflegecampus is a platform that offers online education for medical staff. It offers over 350 online courses with top experts from the medical field. Most clients include hospitals as well as care facility management who are planning, tracking and evaluating the entire education (Fortbildung) of their staff on the platform.

Problem: A website that does not reflect the brand

A common issue amongst SaaS companies is the inability to transcend the value of the product that they are offering. One of the main components of an online brand is the website and brand identity. The client's website was not performing well and the new user acquisition was nearly impossible because the website failed to convey the value of the product.

Solution: A new fresh color palette, a new website optimized for online sales

By mixing bright fun colors with pastel ones I created a new 'feel' that was fun and fresh. In addition, I fixed a lot of usability problems on the website and created a new user flow for the online purchases. The new website was better structured, the information was better presented and this helped guide the user through the new purchase decision. The website redesign resulted in 20% increase of the Click Through Rate (CTR) and therefore online sales, as well as immediate boost of the brand recognition.

01  Project overview

Before starting the project, we clarified the two main objectives.

Boost Brand Identity

The main reason for a redesign was the low conversion rates on the website. The owners felt the website did not reflect the personality of the brand in terms of colors and vibe. The numbers also showed a below-the-average conversion rates on the homepage and on the pricing page. The objective here was to give the brand a new identity.

Increase Online Sales

The current website was difficult to navigate, with lots of information overflow, resulting in high bounce rates. 20% of the calls to the sales team were regarding questions about the functions of the product.

The objective here was to increase the number of sales through improving the User Experience of the website itself.

02  Process and Solution

Key Issues

Inconsistent UI, Outdated color palette

There were inconsistencies in button colors, shapes, text colors and sizes. Furthermore, two competing colors were used for the buttons, thus unable to differentiate which buttons were the main CTA and which ones were secondary.

Too many Call-to-actions

The homepage had 4 different CTAs this confusing the user and lowering considerably the conversion rate

Confusing pricing page

Pflegecampus offers price packages depending on the  team size. The Pricing page’s main task was to give an idea about the exact price that has to be paid and describe the features that one gets depending on the price. There were several UX issue preventing the user from buying on the page:

Using a long drop-down list to select the number of team members (very ambiguous)

A very long and unsorted features list

CTA buttons listed at the very bottom of the page


Problem: Inconsistent UI

Inconsistencies in the visual design , e.g. different button sizes, different text colors and sizes etc. came from a lack of established style guide. Which is why one of the first things I did was to set a new color palette, define the main and secondary colors as well as the font sizes in a brand new style guide.

Part of the new Style Guide

Problem: Too Many Call-to-Actions in different colors

In order to increase the conversion rate, I minimized the number of buttons positioned next to each other, f.e. the footer and used only complementary colors and shades to differentiate between primary and secondary buttons.

Problem: Confusing Pricing Page

Initially, the user needed to select a number from a drop-down list in order to see the pricing of the software. The numbers were pre-defined and there was huge ambiguity regarding the price if the team size did not fall into a number category. So, instead, the user now uses a slider to select the number of team members. Showing only the top 5 features of every pricing package and hiding the full list below the pricing table.

You can see most screens from the redesign here.

03 Outcome

CTR increased by 20%; 85% of potential customers felt that the product is of high value and trusted that it will meet their needs.

The number of inquiries as well as the quality of the leads coming from the new website increased significantly by about 20% as reported by the sales team.

A few weeks after the launch Pflegecampus experienced a noticeable image boost. New customers coming to the website felt that the product is of high value and trusted that it will meet their needs. They were able to find answers to most of their questions about the functionality of the product.
In addition, the current customer base was sending unsolicited positive feedback about the new website. 98% of the current customers loved it and would recommend the product to a colleague.

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